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rasilio's Journal

13 October 1969
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Um, what can I say, I don't ever write much in here outside of the occasional poll. Sure there is the occasional tidbit of info but in all honestly I don't think there are very many people out there who are interested in the inner workings of my head. I find LJ most useful for participating in the communities and keeping up with the few real life friends I have.

But just in case someone who does not know me in real life is reading this a quick summary of me in 15 words is

Gruff, Down to Earth, Intelligent, libretarian, Heinleiner, Agnostic (with strong Athiestic tendancies), Slacker, Polyamorous (in theory, not in practice currently), History Fan, Computer Professional, Sportsfan, iNTp, Gamer, Geek, Father.